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Ready to grow your business through acquisition?

If you’re ready to grow your business through acquisition, our team of knowledgeable and experienced business brokers can help. After learning about your acquisition objectives, we’ll launch a confidential search that focuses on finding your best acquisition targets not yet on the market, i.e., secret sellers. We’ll strategically assist with the negotiations so you close with the right business and for the best terms.

Discover some of the benefits of our targeted, off-market acquisitions search:

  • Sellers not yet on the market often fail to realize the true value of their business, which provides a price advantage to the buyer when negotiations begin.
  • During negotiations, outside competition won’t drive up the purchase price since the acquisition target was never marketed to the public.
  • Approaching off-market targets makes you the “suitor in the first position,” thereby exponentially increasing the probability of a successful, efficient sale.

Whether you’re planning to grow your business geographically or expand your company product lines, we’ll help you find the right candidates to make it happen. And we’ll do it all confidentially. 


Take a look inside our confidential, growth-through-acquisition process.


Why business owners love us

  • "Thank you so much for your professionalism and promptness!"

    George K. / /

  • "Through our entire process of working with you folks, your firm made it obvious that honesty and ethics was at the forefront of the transaction."

    Brad G. / /

  • "I'm reading your book Grover. It's very well written and is not causing headaches!"

    Claudia M. / /

  • "The documents you have prepared are some of the best organized and informing initial information I've received from a broker. I appreciate and respect the level of professionalism."

    Steve / /

  • "I would have never guessed that selling would have been so difficult and I'm so glad that Grove and his team were there to walk me through it and make it happen."

    Dick K. / /

  • "I would recommend Grove to anyone thinking of selling their business. He was thorough, and I always knew he had my best interest in mind. He was not reluctant, however, to keep my head out of the clouds and my feet on the ground. His advice was timely and on point. Not always welcomed...but always useful. Grove took the time to learn about my industry and what it takes to be successful. Grove's staff was also very helpful and timely in their response to my inquires."

    Richard M. / /

  • "Grove Rutter and staff were always available and professional. They did a great job of marketing our company and bringing in only buyers that were qualified and the right fit for our company."

    Kim S. / /

  • "A very eager buyer discovered my company on one of Grover’s internationally exposed listing sites… Grover, acting in my best interest, insisted that the buyer produce a sufficient down payment and a secure payout over the next several years. Grove worked and coordinated with the attorneys to bring an acceptable agreement."

    Tom H. / /

  • "Before we even got started, Grover worked with me to position and prepare the company for a higher value sale. Grover then went the extra mile by helping me with everything from understanding accounting and what the buyer was looking for, through the legal jargon in a difficult to understand contract. He knows his work well and was a great mentor that I could rely on for making the many decisions which come up when selling my company. I trust Grover and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to sell their company. I would also use his services if I were buying a company, as it's a lot more challenging than you may think."

    Dick K. / /

  • "Thanks again for all your efforts to sell [our businesses]. You deserve the commission!"

    Matt S. / /

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